Eggs Available

We have eggs available. These are fertile eggs suitable for hatching. Our eggs are barnyard mix. Our birds are free range on our property.

I’ve created a branch on my website for fertile hatching eggs. You can see my listings here:

Possible chicken breeds included in the mix: Ameracauna, Easter Egger, Gold Wyandotte, Dark Brahma, Welsummer, Black Australorp, Buff Orpington, Ayam Cemani, Silkie, Bantam Cochin, Frizzle bantam cochin, Mille Fleur, Barred Rock.
Possible duck breeds: Ancona, Kahki Campbell, Blue Swedish, Buff duck, Cauyga cross, Muscovy.Most of our eggs are from our Ancona ducks. I have been marking the eggs from the Ancona duck house with an A (although other ducks might be using their nests when they aren’t looking) if you want a greater chance of getting spotted ducks.

The muscovy eggs feel different than the common duck eggs. I have been marking on them when I know for sure it is a muscovy egg, because muscovy take a week longer to hatch than common ducks. We do not have any muscovy drakes so ours will all be mixes.

No, we can’t tell what the chick or duckling will look like based on the color of the egg. Sorry!

Location: on Southside, south of Nampa, near Kuna Rd.

If you are interested in buying eggs locally for eating I charge $5 a dozen if you come pick them up at my house. Please message me privately for more info. We ship hatching eggs with flat rate shipping boxes and lots of foam.

Message me for availability and to arrange pickup time. Selection varies day by day.