Raw Fleece and Fiber

UPDATE: July 2019

We had a super cold spring, and still had freezing weather into May, so the goats and alpacas didn’t get sheared until May. We are storing their fleece in the garage now, instead of the barn, to try to keep it dry and safe. We also have about 12 bags of wool from my friend’s Romney sheep of all different colors, if anyone is interested in that, she is interested in doing a 50/50 trade for yarn.

UPDATE: January 2019

Late last fall, our herd matriarch, Mocha, died in a freak accident. She got tangled in a tarp and strangled. This was very sad for us. Furthermore, the barn flooded and ruined nearly all our goat and alpaca fleeces that had been stored in there. We missed the fall shearing due to our shearer being in an accident and unable to shear the animals. For the third year in a row, our goats will have extra long fleeces on them in the spring, and be of inferior quality. We did not hire ram to sire any offspring so there will be no baby goats this spring. Our remaining 5 goats and 2 alpacas are still healthy and enjoying their pasture. Our next shearing will be in March or April and we will have goat and alpaca fleeces at that time.

Meanwhile, a friend of mine who has sheep has given me several giant bags of fleece. She would like to sell it $20 per fleece, or will trade it 50/50 for someone to spin it for her. She does know how to spin but has been dealing with multiple debilitating injuries that have prevented her from spinning her fleeces for the past year and a half. There are many colors of fleece in this collection, including Wheaten (a golden color), and silver, and chocolate. She would love it if someone could spin them for her and return half the fleece as yarn. Due to the weight of the large fleeces, it is not feasible to ship them as they will not fit in the large USPS pre-paid shipping box. Local pick-up only please.

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So here I am nearly a year later after the first shearing of our goats and alpacas, and still haven’t been able to learn how to spin my fleeces. I had a friend who was going to teach me but she’s had as bad a year physically as I have and neither one of us were able to make it work out. So I’m working on setting up some sale pages for the fleeces on my art website. We’re going to be shearing again this spring and will have more fleeces available then also. I’m offering them for sale by the ounce (was going to do whole fleeces only, but have a few people interested in partials, so I’ll give it a try), or 50/50 trades of fleece for yarn if the person is willing to pay shipping. I’m trying to get the website shopping cart to work with these unusual sales parameters, but if I can’t get it to work I’ll just put paypal links up.