The Goat Cam

We have spent several days fighting with technology much more than seems reasonable to get this Goat Cam working. We are waiting for Mocha to have her baby. She was exhibiting signs of early labor in the afternoon of March 11th, so I sat in the barn with her a few hours. Ron finally was able to rig a way to get the Goat Cam working after dinner. This seemed to help Mocha relax because my being there was stressing her a little bit, so now we can watch her and she doesn’t know we are watching. I cross posted the stream from our LAN to Twitch using screencapture with Xsplit.  Hopefully we will see a baby goat soon! I don’t know how long we will be able to maintain this setup with our current equipment. If you enjoy the Goat Cam please consider donating to help us keep it permanent!

Our goat cam and this website operates on prayer and blessings. We appreciate any financial blessing you can contribute! Thanks for visiting!