Join our team!

Summer of 2023 the Lord directed me with specific step by step details for how to grow my development team to become multiple smaller teams so that each game project can have its own sovereign development team. I followed the instructions and have set up a new volunteer page so that people can sign up to volunteer for one of our game projects. If you would like to gain game development experience by working on one of our development teams, please fill out the application form and register for an interview time on my calendar.

These are some of the types of jobs you could do on one of our teams.

Sales & Marketing

Atavism Unity Developer

A Unity developer with VR and AR specialization

World building

Quest development (Familiarity with Atavisim required)

UMA Character artist

Environment artist

Project Manager

Does any of this sound like something you have skill or experience in doing, and would like to help further the kingdom of God by using your gifts and talents in one of these areas? Please apply!