Lifewave for my pain

February of 2022 a friend from Oregon shared some samples of LifeWave patches with me. She sent me some IceWave and X-39 patches to try. I was very skeptical about them, but I trust this friend tremendously so I was willing to try. I did some research online about this light wavelength therapy and it is a valid therapy that has been used for decades. When I read reviews of the LifeWave patches, apparently some people have had profound positive experiences with them, many claim to have experienced pain reduced within 10 seconds.

My experience was not that profound. I did not feel instant pain relief. But I gave it a try for the full week. I put the patches on for 12 hours then took them off for 12 hours as instructed. (There is no sensation when applying the patches, there is no tingling, no cold, no moisture, nothing weird at all other than having stickers on the skin.) I thought they might be helping but I wasn’t sure if it was a coincidence or they were actually working. I wasn’t pain free, I still had some pain, but I could function well enough that I didn’t have to take ibuprofen for 7 days. I was able to perform much better when I went to the physical therapist that week for my knee injury also. He gave me extra exercises to do.

Then I ran out of samples. After about 3 days my pain came back and hit my like a truck. So much! I went back to taking ibuprofen every day again just to be able to barely function. Then I tried something they DO NOT recommend (in fact, LifeWave expressly advises against doing this I learned later). I had saved a set of the IceWave patches, and I taped the used patches on my feet to try them again and see if the used patches would work at all. They did! Not as well, and the after-effects didn’t last as long, but I went 2 more days without ibuprofen. Used patches were better than no patches, and still better than ibuprofen. Then those wore off again, and the pain came back again.

As soon as payday came I registered to get the wholesale discount and ordered a packet of IceWaves. I wanted to get both the X-39 and the IceWave patches, because I believe the X-39 actually healed my eyesight some as well. I can see the lines on the syringe I use to give my cat Peace his medicine better. (Improved eyesight is not something that LifeWave proclaims the X-39 patches will do, but that was the most notable experience for me in the one week I had them.) The X-39 patches are supposed to stimulate your body to activate your own stem cells to heal and repair damaged tissue. I couldn’t afford both right away though, so I just got the painkiller ones (IceWave) for now. I got my first packet in the mail on March 17 and within a few hours I was able to walk better again, and had much less pain than before – without any painkillers.

If you struggle with pain too, I would love to find out if these help you. You can order them directly, or sign up for the wholesale discount on my website at and give them a try. See if they work for you as well as they have worked for me.

I have made an informational post on this page. You can watch the Q&A with David Schmidt, and learn more about some supplements he recommends as well.