A Gingerbread Game

Approximately a week before Christmas this year, I got an idea for a new game. The game is about gingerbread and candy. We are just calling it the Gingerbread Game for now, but this is a working title and may change at a later date. It was too late to get it done for this Christmas season, but perhaps we will have something playable by next Christmas. We are planning a four stage release, with the first release being a minimum viable product where the player can decorate cookies, and the final stage being much more like an MMORPG experience in a gingerbread land. Players will be able to unlock many different kinds of candy and cookie cutters to make their creations, and eventually be able to walk around in a gingerbread village of their own design. We are inviting advertisers to sponsor our work and get their name brands in the game in a way that doesn’t feel like an ad but which will encourage players to purchase their products.