English Country Dance: Nampa

The late autumn of 2022 we found a local English Country Dance group in Boise, about an hour drive from our house. We had been trying to find an ECD group off and on for about 6 years, ever since we moved from Oregon, but had never found this group because they don’t advertise. We found them through a different group that had discontinued dancing and gave me their info. My kids were so happy to be dancing again! Sometime in the spring of 2023 we felt led by the Lord to start our own group in Nampa for people who weren’t able to travel to Boise twice a month but who still wanted a group to dance with. We had one dance at our church, and then were discouraged by the Boise dance instructor to continue so we took a long break. After the car accident in August, we felt even more strongly that we were supposed to be doing this thing that the Lord had told us to do, so we made a second effort to organize twice monthly dances in Nampa, and our church approved them again. I built a website for it at dance.tinyzoo.com and we are now hosting dances on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays at our church in Nampa. If you or anyone you know is in the area and would like to join us for English Country Dance, please sign up for the newsletter on our website. We only send out emails about upcoming dances to keep the group notified. Our group is small and we need more dancers. All skill levels are welcome, we do both simple and more complicated dances each time we meet. We hope to see you there!