Animating a cat in Fragmotion

I can do pencil drawings, CG art using Photoshop, and 3D models and animation. There are many artists more highly skilled than I am but I do my best. I tend to be an impatient artist, so I try to find the fastest way to do something to get it done quickly and move on to the next project calling for my attention.

I do commissioned drawings for $100 per drawing. Animals are my specialty.

Dolphin-SCANNED_greyscale Dragon-in-the-Morning_SCANNED Duke-for-April_11-15-05_2ndscan Eagle_Isaiah40-31_adjusted Love-hearts_9-3-05_adkusted Macaw-oilpastel_cropped Prince_for-Patrick_6-20-2005 Sheba_face_6-8-05_scanned_cropped Acorn-War_donation_SCANNED_adjusted Chimp-painting_grey

Most of the computer artwork that I do is for the games that I’m working on, usually for my own games. I often find free models on turbosquid or achibaseplanet or other 3d model websites and then modify the model to suit my needs. Sometimes I make the models from scratch using Milkshape. I can build, rig, texture and animate a game-ready model for Torque, Unity or Bigworld game engines. I’m not very skilled at creating UV Maps, but I can modify them once they are made.  Here are some examples of models that I have made.

AA_OLS_Autumn Flamingo_06 modeleditor_indie 2012-06-24 17-05-25-90 modeleditor_indie 2012-10-28 17-25-30-68 ms3d 2011-04-14 20-49-03-52 ms3d 2011-04-14 23-10-22-32 ms3d 2011-04-18 13-10-07-99 ms3d 2011-12-07 12-03-20-52 ms3d 2012-02-20 15-42-22-63 ms3d 2012-10-17 09-23-35-32 RabbitMeat RabbitMeat_wireframe unwrap3d 2012-09-15 22-11-19-29 unwrap3d 2012-09-15 23-40-35-01 unwrap3d 2012-09-16 00-06-50-96

It is very time consuming to build a model from scratch, though obviously some models are more difficult than others. I can create 3D models on commission on a case-by-case basis. Contact me on Facebook for more information and a cost estimate. I use the “Indie Trinity” for creating my artwork: Milkshape, Fragmotion, and Ultimate Unwrap 3D. I do not own a commercial license to 3DS Max or Maya, the “Indie Trinity” is far more affordable and well suited for my needs. If you would like to learn how to make your own 3D models, I have posted some free tutorials on YouTube that teach beginners how to use Milkshape to make 3D art.

I charge $30 per animation for existing models.  If you need me to make the model also, contact me for an estimate.

Yes, I can import BVH animations to a human model, but it must use the same skeleton or else I will have to rig it with the BVH skeleton that you want.

Add $20 if I need to repair bad rigging or create new rigging. (Will do minor fixes on the fly for free, but if it’s really messed up and takes considerable extra time, or if there is no rig at all, then it can take a couple hours to get it right.) If I think you’re going to be upset with the quality of my animation due to bad rigging, I will fix it, because I don’t want someone else’s work to influence your opinion of my work.

If you want LOD (level of detail) on your model it is FAR FAR easier to get it rigged properly BEFORE I start animating it than after. I charge extra to add LOD after animation, because it can take several hours to get LOD rigged properly post-animation.
I can add 3 levels of detail to your existing model for $20 PRE-animation.
I can add 3 levels of detail to your existing model for $40 POST-animation.

This is a model of an eagle that I animated for a friend.  (Sorry, the sound is quiet, my microphone didn’t work very well at the time.)