Christian Games


Laurene has been designing and making games for most of her married life. She established her game development company, Heaven’s Blessings Tiny Zoo, LLC. in 2003 and has officially been a game developer ever since. She leads a volunteer team making Christian computer games, and she has also designed card games and a board game. Her flagship project is Visions, a Christian MMORPG (Massively Mulitplayer Online Role Playing Game) set in ancient Rome. Visions is still in development but financial contributors have access to the play test server and can experience the game as it progresses through development with each patch.


Visions (the Christian MMORPG) is available for download for $30 from the company store.


Chariots (a Christian racing game) is available for download for $7.99 from the store.


Pedich Edhellen (an Elvish language flashcard app) is available for a donation of any amount.


Messiah (a card game) is available for $13.20 from The Game Crafter, a self-publishing game site.

Treasures In Heaven (a cooperative board game) is available as a downloadable Print-n-Play for $5.